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How to Identify the Best Singing Bowls


A singing bowl is one of the apparently simple musical instruments in the world today. It has been touted as one of the best ways to relieve stress. When choosing a singing bowl, it should be a very personal and exciting affair.  For you to identify and buy the best singing bowls, there need to be certain criteria that you use to determine your best bet.



When you are choosing a Silver Sky Imports singing bowl, you have to focus on its quality. A poor quality bowl will not only produce a bad sound but will also not live long.  You will need this information from someone who is conversant with what good quality is when it comes to singing bowls. Many counterfeits abound in the market. It will take an expert to establish if a bowl is either good or authentic. Not all marketers or sellers are qualified for this tough task.



Old singing bowls will be at least 100 years old. Many marketers have used machines to make new bowls and then make them appear as if they are old. But a knowledgeable person will look at the markings, the shape of the bowl, markings, thickness of the metal since the bottom of an old bowl is thinner. You will also need to listen to the tone. Now all these are things you may not do if you are a layperson. You will, therefore, need to engage a professional to do this for you so that you are not defrauded. However, even though a bowl is old enough, it doesn't guarantee its goodness. You cannot ignore such things like the tone, the harmony, the vibration, sound longevity among other essential musical elements.    



A tiny bowl at this website should cost about $100. Larger bowls will go for thousands of dollars. Seemingly old and inexpensive bowls should be a subject of suspicion and controversy.


Purpose of Usage

Bowls are used for various purposes. Some of the goals are consciousness transformation and physical healing. It is important to decide on the usage of your bowl.  How do you intend to use your bowl? Is it for meditation or healing? Whatever your answer to these questions is, there lies the type of bowl that you need to choose. If you intend to use the bowl to compliment another bowl that you have, you need to the special tones of the one you have so that whatever bowl you buy harmonizes well with what you already have.